8 Best Short Haircuts for Women in 2024 

Sleek and Slicked 

Messy hair says party, while sleek hair like Lily Allen's says they were the VIP. Use mousse, blow dry, and hairspray for the look. 


Pixie haircuts are all about courage and change. Anyone can rock a pixie with confidence. Bring a picture to show your hairstylist what you want. Consider your natural hair texture when choosing a style. 

The Rixie

Halsey's edgy pixie takes us back to the 90s, while a softer Mia Farrow-inspired pixie nods to the 60s, says NYC hairstylist Bronwen Robinson. 

The Bixie 

Mix pixie and bob, add punky flair. Get the Bixie: short top, longer bottom. Hairstylist Ty Holbrook suggests soft layers for a chic look. Trim every 6-8 weeks. 

Rounded Bob

In 2023, many had sharp cuts and messy hair, but 2024 prefers softer, rounder styles. Like Jourdan Dunn's chin-length bob. Adding bangs? Use a round brush for a bubbly volume boost! 

French Bob

A bob is a short haircut that usually ends near the chin. A French bob is similar but a bit shorter, with a cute touch like short bangs. 

Curly Fringe 

Curly hair can totally rock bangs! They add edge and soften strong cheekbones. Try them for a chic '80s vibe. 

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